Encryption kills Americans, apparently.

McCain: So suppose that we had legislation which required two keys. One for the user and one that, given a court order, requiring a court order, that you would be able to — with substantial reason and motivation for doing so — would want to go into that particular site. What’s the problem with that?

Comey: Well, a lot of smart people, smarter than I, certainly, say that would have a disastrous impact on broader security across the internet, which is also part of my responsibility.

McCain: Do you believe that?

Comey: I’m skeptical that we can’t find a solution that overcomes that harm. But a lot of serious people say “ah, you don’t realize, you’ll rush into something and it’ll be a disaster for your country. Because it’ll kill your innovation, it’ll kill the internet.” That causes me to at least pause and say “well, okay, let’s talk about it.”

McCain: But, we’ve just established the fact that ISIS is rushing in to trying… attempting… to harm America and kill Americans. Aren’t we?

Comey: They are.

McCain: So I say with respect to my colleagues, and their advocacy for our constitutional obligations and rights, that we’re facing a determined enemy who is, as we speak — according to you and the director of Homeland Security — seeking to attack America, destroy America and kill Americans. So it seems to me that the object should be here, is to find a way not only to protect Americans’ rights, but to protect American lives. And I hope that you will devote some of your efforts — and I hope that this Committee… and I hope the Congress will — understand the nature of this threat. And to say that we can’t protect Americans’ Constitutional rights in the same time protect America, is something that I, simply, won’t accept.

(More of this claptrap at https://www.techdirt.com/articles/20150709/00065731595/two-most-ridiculous-statements-senators-yesterdays-encryption-hearings.shtml)